Complexities and challenges in the relationship between Chile and Peru in the 21 century: an approach from the critical geopolitics


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Tác giả: Cabrera Toledo, Lester Martín Andrés
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Ngày xuất bản:2016
Miêu tả:Along this century, the relationships between Chile and Peru have been established from a logic in which the territorial conception and negative events in the past keep influencing the way how these countries are linked, showingtheir manifestations in the political, economic, cultural and geopolitical areas. Thus, the bond is strongly determined by a series of conflicting discourses that not only tend to establish an image of “the other” but also to position a certainway of representing the territory, as one of the main problems between these countries. That in turn, allows the analysis of both discursive changes from a geopolitics critical point of view and as part of a switch in the representation ofthe territory, showing the parties’ variation between cooperation and conflict. It is concluded inbetween the relations of the two countries, a trend is established during the 21st century to maximize the different negative events, while minimizing the positive ones, as part of a geopolitical addressing.
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