Evaluation Model for Programs to Promote the Female Entrepreneurial Environment


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Authors: Petry, Petra, Herrera González, Rafael, Salas León, Carlos
Format: artículo
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2022
Description:Entrepreneurship is an important engine of economic growth, job creation and social mobilization, therefore; there has been a growing attention to the promotion and development of programs to encourage female entrepreneurship within political and economic spheres. From the analysis of the traditional evaluation and follow-up methodologies, it is verified that these, traditionally, do not consider aspects inherent to participants in this type of programs and their environment. For such purposes, secondary and primary sources were reviewed, collecting the main findings of a study carried out in Costa Rica on three programs focused on promoting female entrepreneurship. In this context, this article proposes a generic model of management and results indicators of seven dimensions (governance, effectiveness and management, sustainability, efficiency, financial inclusion, impact orientation, monitoring and evaluation). The proposed model focuses its applicability on the evaluation of support programs for women-led enterprises. The results obtained and the proposed guide contribute to generating relevant information for decision-making, especially in the formulation of public policy and appropriate programs for this type of initiative and population stratum.
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Keyword:Emprendimiento femenino
Evaluación de resultados
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Female entrepreneurship
Outcomes evaluation
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