Bromatological characterization of pellets made from agricultural by-products for the feeding of cattle


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Author: López-Varela, David
Format: artículo
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2018
Description:With the purpose of nutritionally characterize a mixture of Cassava (CV) (Manihot esculenta),Poultry Manure (PM), Soy Flour (SF), Rice Flour (RF), Soy Oil (SO), Cultivation of lactobacilli (CL),we performed a bromatological analysis to pellets from raw material, with the following levelsof incorporation in the mixture:, (CV) 15%, (PM) 30%, (SF) 15%, (RF) 30%, (SO) 5%, (CL) 5%.The bromotological study was done in the Department of Animal Science (DZO) in the federaluniversity of Viçosa (UFV), Brazil. We performed testing on raw protein(RP), Dried Material (DM),Ash Content(AC), Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF), Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF), Ethereal extract(EE), Organic Material (OM), Non- Fibrous Carbohydrates (CNF), for which we obtained thefollowing results: PC: 13,16%, MS: 93,61%, AC: 29,98%, FDN: 30,91%, FDNcp: 16,88%, FDA:21,20%, FDAcp: 11,90%, EE: 12%, MO: 70,02%, CNF: 27,98%. We concluded that the pelletsfrom the mixture of sub-products show nutritional characteristics with high potential in the use ofalternatives for feeding cattle in times of scarcity using agricultural sub-products available in thenorthern region of Costa Rica.
Institution:Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
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Keyword:Poultry manure, Nutrition, Fermented nucleus, Non Protein Nitrogen, Alternative Feedings.
Gallinaza, Nutrición, Núcleos fermentados, Nitrógeno no proteico, Alimentación alternativa.