Aboveground biomass and organic carbon in soil four stages of forest succession in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.


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Authors: Aguilar-Arias, Heileen, Ortiz-Malavasi, Edgar, Vílchez-Alvarado, Braulio, Chazdon, Robin L.
Format: artículo
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2012
Description:For this study quantified the amount of dry biomass accumulated in litter, dead wood biomass and the amount of soil organic carbon (SOC) in four forest successional stages: 5 to 15 years, 15 to 30 years, over 30 years old and primary forest. A simple random design with sub-sampling, four treatments (successional stage), five repetitions (PPM) and four samples per PPM was established. The accumulated biomass in litter was higher in primary forests with 9,75 t ha-1, followed by forests over 30 years with 7,93 t ha-1, 15-30 years with 5,97 t ha-1 and finally forests 5-15 years with 5,60 t ha-1. The values of biomass in dead wood were of 7,80 t ha-1 in primary forests, 3,26 t ha-1 in forests older than 30 years, 5,84 t ha-1 in 15-30 year forests and 3,42 t ha-1 in 5-15 year forest. The soil organic carbon was higher in forests over 30 years (109,24 tC ha-1), followed by primary forest (92,29 tC ha-1), 15-30-year forest (88,01 tC ha-1); lastly, 5-15-year forest (78,48 tC/ha-1). There were statistical differences (α = 0,05) in biomass of accumulated litter on forest forests 5-15 years. The trends show an increase in the amount of biomass accumulated in litter with increasing successional stage. Dead wood biomass showed no statistical differences in age of the forest (α = 0,05). The soil organic carbon (SOC) showed statistical differences (α = 0,05) in forests of 5-15 years for forests older than 30 years.
Institution:Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
OAI Identifier:oai:repositoriotec.tec.ac.cr:2238/12549
Online Access:https://revistas.tec.ac.cr/index.php/kuru/article/view/360
Access Level:acceso abierto
Keyword:forest succession
climate change
CO2 fixation
dead wood
soil organic carbon (SOC)
bulk density
Osa Biological Corridor
Costa Rica
sucesión de bosque
cambio climático
fijación de CO2
madera muerta
carbono orgánico en el suelo (COS)
densidad aparente
Corredor Biológico Osa