Corrosion rate evaluation of the carbon steel trough electrochemical techniques


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Authors: González-Masís, Jeimmy, Garita-Arce, Luis
Format: artículo original
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2014
Description:Usually the atmospheric corrosion studies are cha­racterized by their long duration, months and even years. However electrochemical techniques have been developed, recent in comparison to other methods, allowing obtain real-time data, including corrosion rate. In this research electrochemical noise and lineal polarization resistance tests are valued, so obtained data were analyzed, relations were establis­hed between the graphics form and the corrosion type, as well as the relationship between the corro­sion data and atmospheric conditions, to find, finally, there is a more consistent behavior when the lineal polarization resistance test is used with the three comb-type electrodes electrochemical monitor.
Institution:Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
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Keyword:Electrochemical noise (EN); lineal polarization resistance (LPR); electrochemical monitor of atmospheric corrosion; critical relative humidity
Ruido electroquímico (RE); resistencia a la polarización lineal (RPL); monitor electroquímico de corrosión atmosférica (MECA); humedad relativa crítica