A lightweight environment for 2D visual applications


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Authors: Arce-Orozco, Armando, Gonzalez-Torres, Antonio, Mata-Montero, Erick
Format: artículo
Publication Date:2019
Description:People and organizations constantly use a wide variety of devices and formats to produce large volumes of data. This involves a series of challenges related to processing and transforming data into valuable knowledge to carry out informed decisions. This research work departs from the fact that information visualization is a critical element in the process of data analysis that takes advantage of the visual and cognitive abilities of people to explore, discover, interpret, and understand patterns in data with the use of visual representations and human-computer interaction techniques. This research proposes Di¨ok¨ol, a programming environment developed with Lua and OpenVG to facilitate the learning process of programmers with little experience in the implementation of visualizations. The environment was designed after the careful study of similar tools and the most popular visualization libraries. Its design takes into account their weaknesses and strengths to propose a set of features that can make it an efficient alternative to learning about and program visualizations. In addition to typical functionality provided by several visualization tools and libraries, Di¨ok¨ol is a lightweight environment that provides a simple and effective event manager, is scalable, small, portable and contributes an environment with a simple and easy to understand graphical interface and functionality, similar to the ones provided by Processing.
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Institution:Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
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