Brucella β 1,2 cyclic glucan is an activator of human and mouse dendritic cells


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Authors: Moreno, Edgardo, Martirosyan, Anna, Pérez-Gutierrez, Camino, Banchereau, Romain, Dutartre, Helene, Lecine, Patrick, Dullaers, Melissa, MELLO, Marielle, salcedo, suzana, Muller, Alexandre, Leserman, Lee, Levy, Yves, Zurawski, Gerard, Zurawski, Sandy, Moriyon, Ignacio, Klechevsky, Eynav, Banchereau, Jacques, Oh, SangKon, Gorvel, Jean-Pierre
Format: artículo
Publication Date:2012
Description:Bacterial cyclic glucans are glucose polymers that concentrate within the periplasm of alpha-proteobacteria. These molecules are necessary to maintain the homeostasis of the cell envelope by contributing to the osmolarity of Gram negative bacteria. Here, we demonstrate that Brucella β 1,2 cyclic glucans are potent activators of human and mouse dendritic cells. Dendritic cells activation by Brucella β 1,2 cyclic glucans requires TLR4, MyD88 and TRIF, but not CD14. The Brucella cyclic glucans showed neither toxicity nor immunogenicity compared to LPS and triggered antigen-specific CD8+ T cell responses in vivo. These cyclic glucans also enhanced antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses including cross-presentation by different human DC subsets. Brucella β 1,2 cyclic glucans increased the memory CD4+ T cell responses of blood mononuclear cells exposed to recombinant fusion proteins composed of anti-CD40 antibody and antigens from both hepatitis C virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Thus cyclic glucans represent a new class of adjuvants, which might contribute to the development of effective antimicrobial therapies.
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