Estudio de prospección de empleo por parte de las empresas de curridabat con respecto a los habitantes del cantón


Artavia-Prieto, Javier

Proyecto de graduación (Bachillerato en Administración de Empresas) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Escuela de Administración de Empresas, 2018.
The rising unemployment rate in Costa Rica has reached historical figures of 10.3% according to the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC), which has meant a series of challenges for public management, starting with the boost in regional employment, where the local governments around the country represent a fundamental role in the economic development of the country. The Labor intermediation/employment services of the Municipalidad de Curridabat has tried to develop strategies and a constant analysis about the situation of employment and employability in the territory. Given this work, the need arises to carry out an analysis about the current employment situation in Curridabat, determining the main characteristics in the job application process, as well as the requirements of the companies that carry out their operations in the territory for the creation and generation of new employment. With the survey and the focus group workshops, it was possible to obtain Part of the results allow to identify the main characteristics of the talent recruitment processes of the companies in terms of experience, academic training, labor competencies of each of the categories of employment by the INEC. With this information, the local government can determinate the right profile of a person that make a job application process in a company of Curridabat. To have a greater breadth about the profiles of each employment category, an analysis was made about the educational offers present in the territory, as well as employment programs developed by the Municipalidad de Curridabat. This analysis made it possible to analyze the different actions that the local Government can take to improve relations with companies in the territory, as well as the reinforcement of the education and training offer, which will provide the inhabitants of Curridabat with a better insertion into the labor market.
Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Escuela de Administración de Empresas

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