Propuesta metodológica en administración de proyectos para el Área de Extensión y Acción Social del CONARE


Chaves-Zambrano, Zully; Montoya-Ureña, Elena

Proyecto de graduación (Maestría en Gerencia de Proyectos) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Área Académica de Gerencia de Proyectos, 2015.
This document presents the graduation project developed on the Outreach and Social Action area of CONARE. The project was applied to subscribed public universities as well as OPES-CONARE. This project pretends the creation of methodological approach of project management into the Outreach and Social Action area, in order of standardization of the current projects managing by CONARE. For that reason does a brief diagnosis on the current situation of the project management through the perspective of the people involved in the process. Then develops a methodological proposal based on the CONARE’s characteristics, following as a reference the PMBOK® (2013) methodology. Finally, shows an implementation strategy that founds some actions to implement the methodological proposal. The methodological basis of this investigation project came from an analysis about the different guidelines, regulations and procedures found in the institution, referring to project management. As a complementary action we proceeded to makes interviews to the people involved into the projects process, besides of a focus group to the projects evaluation submission and finally probing through an academics with one year executing projects. Using the results of the previous actions makes a methodology approach into the project management to looking for a standardization of the process developing by the Fondo de Sistema finance resources from CONARE to allow more efficiently manage of the actions to build a project management culture. This methodology shows a basic proposal of templates and tools with the idea of promote an appropriate mature level to allow the process standardization and supply as a framework to boost the investment in software and another management tools focus on the automation of the process seeking finally improve the effective and success in the project management of the organization. Key Words: Project management, CONARE, Methodology, Área de Extensión y Acción Social, Project
Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Área Académica de Gerencia de Proyectos Maestría en Gerencia de Proyectos; CONARE.

Publication Year
Acción Social
Administración de proyectos
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