Tropical Atmospheric Corrosion of Galvanized Steel, in a light urban atmosphere in the San José Valley of Costa Rica


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Authors: Rodríguez Yáñez, Javier E., Uruchurtu Chavarin, Jorge, Sanabria Chinchilla, Jean
Format: artículo preliminar
Publication Date:2022
Description:Costa Rica imports most of the metallic materials it uses. In construction, Galvanized Steel (GS) is one of the most used elements in urban areas, where atmospheric corrosion is the main problem of its environmental deterioration. The area of greatest population and economic activity in Costa Rica is the San José Valley, which has a tropical monsoon climate with low pollution, defined under ISO 9223 as light urban. The present study of the atmospheric corrosion of the GS, proposes a high correlation for simple linear models, with climatic parameters as main components and SO2 as secondary component. Seasonality and sampling sites are partially significant at the beginning of the oxidation process, but this effect is damped over time. The average corrosion rate after 2 years is in the order of 0.4 μm y-1, which represents a low level (C2 according to ISO 9223). Complex annual corrosion models, such as those indicated by ISO 9223, overestimate the real corrosion value.
Institution:Universidad de Costa Rica
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Keyword:Atmospheric corrosion
Galvanized steel
Mathematical modelling
Monsoonal climate
Air pollutants
Time of wetness
Corrosión atmosférica
Acero galvanizado
Modelos matemáticos
Clima 50 monzónico
Contaminantes del aire
Tiempo de humectación