Clinical Phobias Delineation in the New Western Culture


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Author: Campodónico, Nicolás Matías
Format: artículo
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Publication Date:2015
Description:After the nineteenth century, the delineation of clinical status of the phobia has been modified over the history of psychiatry. Such modifications have considered prominent differences between clinicians and researchers who addressed the issue such as Freud, who also in his wide work conceived phobia in several ways as psychoanalytic theory was formalized.The overall objective of this work will be to establish the specificity of the phobia, to limit its concept; as for the specific aims, they will be to describe the relationship between the notion of defined phobia and predominant pathological manifestations in current clinical environment, and to pose a possible therapeutic approach from the enabler place and constitutive of desire, which is the word. To answer the work guidelines, a topic review will be performed, starting from the use of the concept of phobia in psychiatry since the nineteenth century. Then, ways in which the notion of phobia was changing in relation to the different stages of the work of Freud and Lacan will be considered. Then, from the theoretical framework proposed by both authors, the relationship between the manifestations of phobia will be described in the present and the postmodern cultural context to finally raise the possibility of their therapeutic approach based on the word and considering the urgency presented today.
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clinical Differential.
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