Peruvian Teaching Staff Insight for Reasons as to Why it is Impossible for them to Participate in Continued Scientific Research


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Author: Ventura Montes, Ulises
Format: artículo
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2020
Description:This study describes and analyzes the opinion of Peruvian teachers regarding reasons and/or constraints that prevent them from conducting scientific research and also defines if teachers are actually obligated to perform this type of activity. The methodology is based on qualitative research from empirical phenomenological data for which opinions of the sample group are described and analyzed. Semi-structured interviews and a focus group with teachers from the Educational Management Unit - UGEL 06 in  Lima-Peru were also held. In order to capture the perception of future teachers, interviews were conducted with college Education majors in their Ninth Cycle at the Social Sciences and Humanities Department from a public university. Results show that teachers are not interested or motivated to conduct    scientific research. The reasons are three-fold: time or lack thereof, financial and academic constraints. It also verified the extent to which teachers are  obligated both professionally and morally to conduct scientific research.
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Keyword:Scientific Research
Basic Education
Teaching, School
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Investigación científica
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