Shell shape variation of queen conch Strombus gigas (Mesograstropoda: Strombidae) from Southwest Caribbean


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Authors: Márquez, Edna Judith, Restrepo-Escobar, Natalia, Montoya-Herrera, Francisco Luis
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Publication Date:2016
Description:The endangered species Strombus gigas is a marine gastropod of significant economic importance through the Greater Caribbean region. In contrast to phenotypic plasticity, the role of genetics on shell variations in S. gigas has not been addressed so far, despite its importance in evolution, management and conservation of this species. This work used geometric morphometrics to investigate the phenotypic variation of 219 shells of S. gigas from eight sites of the Colombian Southwest Caribbean. Differences in mean size between sexes and among sites were contrasted by analysis of variance. Allometry was tested by multivariate regression and the hypothesis of common slope was contrasted by covariance multivariate analysis. Differences in the shell shape among sites were analyzed by principal component analysis. Sexual size dimorphism was not significant, whereas sexual shape dimorphism was significant and variable across sites. Differences in the shell shape among sites were concordant with genetic differences based on microsatellite data, supporting its genetic background. Besides, differences in the shell shape between populations genetically similar suggest a role of phenotypic plasticity in the morphometric variation of the shell shape. These outcomes evidence the role of genetic background and phenotypic plasticity in the shell shape of S. gigas. Thus, geometric morphometrics of shell shape may constitute a complementary tool to explore the genetic diversity of this species.
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Institution:Universidad de Costa Rica
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Keyword:Geometric morphometrics
phenotypic plasticity
phenotypic stocks
fishery management
Colombian Caribbean.
Morfometría geométrica
plasticidad fenotípica
manejo pesquero
caribe colombiano.