Bioética, ecología y género


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Author: Velayos Castelo, Carmen
Format: artículo
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2013
Description:Bioethics is best known and institutionalized clinical bioethics. Some authors have considered that this has a male perspective and “gender” female. Also the life sciences are subject to gender inequality. But in the semiprivate level, women have had, and continue to play a fundamental role in the preservation and care of life. The purpose of this paper is the debate over the incorporation of this essential voice in bioethics ecological, that is, a bioethics that sees life in general, and their relationships, when discussing and analyzing ethical issues related to the life you name it.
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Institution:Universidad de Costa Rica
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Keyword:ecological bioethics
clinical bioethics
bioética ecológica
bioética clínica