Public Diplomacy: a new and modern function of the Diplomacy that demands a specific formation


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Author: Portugal de Rodrich, Luisa
Format: artículo
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Publication Date:2016
Description:The Traditional Diplomacy discovers in cultural (promotion) and press (dissemination) activities of the Public Diplomacy (DP) an efficacious medium to: connect with the international public opinion, disseminate and promote with accuracy the image and culture of the country it represents and to relate and integrate cultures.During centuries, reserve and secrecy characterized the diplomatic task. Today the new international order, the  advance in democracy, the protagonism of the public opinion, s, demands new forms of “doing diplomacy”, translated in the need of the traditional Diplomacy of learning to coexist with a  diplomacy open to international audiences.Since the beginnings of the XX century, these new diplomatic practices are  being incorporated to the classic Diplomacy, which since 1995 will be denominated in academic and diplomatic circles, as Diplomacia Pública, or Public Diplomacy, alluding to its open character towards multitude (Hansen, 1984).Due to its significance and projections in the scientific field and to its positive impact in international relations and in the own diplomatic life, it urges to reevaluate its work.This current article pursuits two objectives: suggesting to the Diplomacy and to the specialized scientific community in these matters, the convenience of officially adding this function to the ones recognized in the Vienna Convention of 1961; and to outline an specialized training for the future public diplomats.
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