Diseño del relleno sanitario para el tratamiento y disposición de los residuos sólidos de Corredores y Golfito.


Vega-Alvarado, Maylith Rocío

Proyecto de Graduación (Licenciatura en Ingeniería Ambiental) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Escuela de Química, 2012.
The cantons of Corredores and Golfito, located in the southern region, dump their solid waste in a "garbage dump". The environmental issue that revolves around waste disposal without previous treatment is serious. This is due to the generation of highly polluting leachate, gases, unpleasant odors, insect proliferation, rodents and birds. It also implies risks to public health for the presence of waste collectors exposed to unsuitable conditions. The design of a landfill with the main technical components, would allow to both municipalities properly dispose their waste. The beneficiaries would be the Municipality of Corredores, the Municipality of Golfito and the population of the region that receives the Collection solid waste service. For this reason, the general objective of this project is to design the main technical requirements of the landfill for disposal and treatment of the solid waste generated in the cantons of Corredores and Golfito. Therefore, this project proposes the cells design, leachate collection systems, gases and rainwater, considering the topographical, climatological and geological conditions, population characteristics and regulatory framework applicable. Also was established the respective operation and maintenance manual of the landfill and the necessary budget for the design of the landfill. Through field visits, review of municipal documents, literature review, consultations to specialized personal, was obtained the population growth and the amount of waste during the useful life of the landfill, the details and dimensions of the leachate collection systems, gases and rainwater, cells details and other complementary structures of the landfill. Therefore, the main products obtained are the dimensions of the landfill and additional structures, the respective operational and maintenance manual of the landfill and the financial resources required to realize the design.

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Relleno Sanitario
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