Timber processing, uses and marketing of wood in Costa Rica: historical aspects and analysis.


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Authors: Serrano-Montero, José Rafael, Moya-Roque, Róger
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Publication Date:2012
Description:Costa Rica has experienced an adaptation and appropriation development of technology for wood processing in the last 20 years. The major consumer of timber has traditionally been the construction sector; however, this condition started to change at the end of the last century. In recent decades wood has suffered an accelerated process of substitution for materials mainly based on iron, aluminum and concrete, with the consequent loss of wood market and it has taken new ways to use it. Likewise, the country has made major investments and efforts in reforestation. However, there is a decline and uncertainty in the supply of raw material of good quality. Main species woods such as teak, melina and other reforested native species are being introduced in the domestic market, and efforts are also made for sale in the export market. However despite this work, in the last decade it has been a gradual decrease in exports and an increase in imports of wood products. Because of these problems and uncertainties, this article provides an overview of the evolution of the wood transformation process, uses and market of wood in Costa Rica with its difficulties and challenges. Emphasis has been giving to primary and secondary wood processes. A critical analysis of historical aspects, traditional and current uses of wood, their trends and prospects for the future is also reviewed.
Institution:Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
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