Rotavirus Genotypes in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic


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Authors: Bourdett-Stanziola, Lurys, Ortega-Barria, Eduardo, Espinoza, Felix, Bucardo, Filemon, Jiménez, Carlos, Ferrera, Annabelle
Format: artículo
Publication Date:2010
Description:In this study, 574 stool samples from children with gastroen- teritis were obtained from different hospitals in Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic during 2005–2006. Diarrhea stool samples were analyzed for rotavi- rus by ELISA and typed by the RT-PCR-based method. Un- usual strains were detected: G1P6, G2P8, G3P6, G9P4 and mixed infections. Recent studies have indicated that unusu- al human rotavirus strains are emerging as global strains, which has important implications for effective vaccine de- velopment. In this context, the next generation of rotavirus vaccines will need to provide adequate protection against diseases caused not only by mixed infections, but also by unusual G/P combinations.
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Institution:Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
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