César Rodriguez

César Rodriguez may refer to:

* César Atahualpa Rodríguez (1889–1972), Peruvian poet * César Rodríguez González (1894–1962), Spanish journalist and politician * César Rodríguez (footballer, born 1920) (1920–1995), Spanish footballer * Cesar Rodriguez (pilot) (born 1959), American fighter pilot in the Gulf War, nicknamed the "Last American Ace" * César Rodríguez (taekwondo) (born 1962), Mexican taekwondo practitioner * César Rodríguez (footballer, born 1967), Peruvian footballer * César Rodríguez Garavito (born 1971), Colombian legal scholar * César Rodríguez Cal y Mayor (born 1969), Mexican politician * César Rodríguez (weightlifter) (born 1973), Puerto Rican weightlifter * César Rodríguez (racewalker) (born 1997), Peruvian racewalker Provided by Wikipedia
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