Herodotus in Eustathius: Some Remarks on The ’Method’ of Eustathius in His Commentary on The Book VI of The Iliad


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Author: Kolovou, Georgia
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Publication Date:2020
Description:The aim of this article is to show how Eustathius of Thessalonica, the Byzantine commentator of the 12th century, integrates, cites and treats the historical sources of Herodotus in his Commentary on the book VI of the Iliad ; for what reasons he evokes the historian and what are the means that he uses constantly to integrate them into his commentary. Our interest is to try to define –as far as it is possible– the technique of Eustathius in relation to the role and the function of these historical passages in his byzantine commentary on the book VI of the Iliad.
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Keyword:Eustathius of Thessalonica
12th century
Eustathe de Thessalonique
12ème siècle