Quality perspectives in higher education in developing countries


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Author: Pérez López, Esteban
Format: artículo
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Publication Date:2023
Description:This article contemplates as an objective the reflection on first-order issues in the modern educational field, specifically, capturing the relevance of relevance, educational quality measured through indicators and innovation in higher education. The methodological approach of the research was of the qualitative type, and was carried out through a literature review and the critical contribution of the author, in order to measure the relevance of these three components in higher education. As a result, it was possible to carry out a comprehensive approach to these essential and closely linked elements, which are part of the outcome and total gear of higher education, and of this as a fundamental process for the development of the human being in an integral way. in society, for the generation of the invaluable product that knowledge represents, not only to exercise a trade or profession, but also knowledge for life. As a conclusion of the study, it is extracted that relevance, quality and innovation constitute codependent elements in modern education, for which they must be guaranteed, monitored and kept in constant dynamics in the current educational field.
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Keyword:higher education
educación superior