Quality of higher education: a complementary approach


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Authors: Guerrero-Pérez , Roberto. Xavier, Jiménez-Rodrigo, María. Luisa
Format: artículo
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2022
Description:This article rethinks the quality of university higher education from a perspective that is based on both the identification of the most representative features generated from scientific research as well as the considerations with greater emphasis from the World Bank and UNESCO, and paying attention to the factor of the COVID-19 pandemic. The method used is theoretical review through literary search in scientific databases. The reflection proposed here leads to understanding university educational quality as a facilitator of social equity, which makes it possible to overcome the health crisis in a post-pandemic reality and, in addition, to be a key element of cooperation in reactivation and development.
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Institution:Universidad Estatal a Distancia
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quality of university higher education
university educational quality
higher education
calidad de la educación superior universitaria
calidad educativa universitaria
educación superior