The Challenge of Teacher Performance in the XXIst Century: A Glance at Peru


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Authors: Esquerre Ramos, Lucía Angélica, Pérez Azahuanche, Manuel Ángel
Format: artículo
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Publication Date:2021
Description:Teaching has always stirred great concern and discussion among educational policymakers throughout the world. In recent decades, different proposals have arisen about evaluating teaching based on criteria and indicators that qualify its effectiveness and capacity to respond to the demands of the new century. A holistic approach is used herein to assess  teaching within the context of today's society, based on a review of national and international regulatory educational policies that establish criteria on the value of education, the role of teachers and the main pedagogical theories and approaches. It also discusses notions about teaching and assessment indicators to establish a profile of a 21st century teacher. A systematic review based on the Prisma protocol was used to select studies dating back to the last ten years from various databases that include Scopus, Web of Science, Scielo and Redalyc. When analyzing the selected studies, aspects that were considered included objectives, results and teacher performance in this century. Findings include a teacher´s capacity to be analytical and adapt their teaching practice to different contexts. They should continuously be willing to venture and innovate, use information and communication technology appropriately, be conscientious and use learning to benefit social development. Educational policies in many countries support teachers by issuing regulations that foster optimum teacher participation and development within the classroom and encourage their involvement and respond to this need both institutionally and socially .
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Keyword:Pedagogical Practice
Teacher Skills
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Teaching Performance
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