García Márquez: Hyperbole in Journalism and The Invention of Magical Journalism


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Author: Muñoz Solano, Néfer
Format: artículo
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Publication Date:2020
Description:This article investigates the overlap and porosities between fiction and non-fiction discourses in the early texts of Gabriel García Márquez. I propose there is a fluid process of exchange between informative discourses and those of literary creation, where the young writer experimented to novel within journalism, using hyperbole as well as fictional situations and characters in a phenomenon that I call magical journalism. García Márquez’s use of hyperboles works as a springboard of tensions and intentions to expand and compress semantic content. The writer-journalist constructs hyperboles using two main elements: superfluous detail and precise descriptions. On the one hand, hyperboles overflow, pressing limits and, on the other, intricate detailing controls the excess, rendering images credible in the context of the stories that are told.
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Keyword:García Márquez
magical journalism
diarismo mágico