Regionalization of Higher Education in the University of Costa Rica: From Democratization of Access to an Epistemic Democratization


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Authors: Rodríguez Araya, Marilú, Baltodano Mayorga, José Daniel
Format: artículo
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Publication Date:2021
Description:This essay offers a critical analysis of the regionalization process that the University of Costa Rica has undergone. First, an overview of the combination of aspects that originated this project is shown in order to reconstruct the idea of “regionalizing the university” based on the notions, prejudices, and limitations of that time. From there on, it is inferred that the purpose of regionalization is to democratize the access to higher education following an administrative, legal, and epistemological subsidiary logic. For that reason, the proposal is to move forward from “democratizing the access” to higher education to an “epistemic democratization” that offers a decolonizing vision of knowledge. This vision will raise awareness of the limitations in the current dichotomous model of regionalization, which juxtaposes center and periphery and it is evidently controlled by the metropolitan area of the country, along with its impact on the regional campuses of the university.
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