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Authors: Charpentier-Esquivel, Claudia, Hernández-Salazar, Carlos, Fedorov-Fedorov, Andrei, Rojas-Sandí, Marlon
Format: artículo
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2016
Description:Since the genesis of the PhD Program in Natural Sciences for Development (DOCINADE) in 2003, a decision was made, that evaluation would be part of the work agenda and one of the regular mechanisms for continuous improvement. With that vision and taking advantage of the path taken in 2012, the initiative of a self-assessment is formalized with a view to accreditation by Central American Accreditation Agency for Graduate Studies (ACAP). The effort concluded with the presentation of the respective report in 2014. The self-assessment process had special characteristics that motivate this publication, corresponding to the nature and characteristics of this program. It is a doctorate, inter-university, multidisciplinary, intercultural, regional (Latin America) developed bimodal with a predominance of virtual activities. Offered from Costa Rica with the participation of three of its state universities: the National University, the Costa Rica Institute of Technology and the State Open University. Self-assessment shows that novel experiences generated in the process of evaluation of this graduate program with accreditation purposes, which are emphasized in this article because they were important for the successful accreditation. These include the definition of the methodological strategy to organize and conduct self-evaluation, decision making by consensus between the three universities, harmony and respect for the contributions of the different forms of work and their contributions. The harmonization of the participation of students, graduates, faculty and staff and the importance of accompaniment and methodological and technical advice from the offices responsible for the self-accreditation in the three state institutions involved, were fundamental in this experience having the goal of quality, the pursuit of excellence, and this certification through its accreditation. Because of this interuniversity and multidisciplinary work, an excellent final self-assessment report is presented, which identified the strengths of the Doctorate and obtained those areas of opportunity for enhancement and moving into an improvement plan, which will augment the strengths and overcome those weaknesses detected. This effort concluded with the accreditation granted by the ACAP and the delivery of the respective certificate in May 2016.
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