Reflecting on educational research in ICT


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Authors: Cabero-Almenara, Julio, Valencia-Ortiz, Rubicelia
Format: artículo
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2021
Description:Despite the evolutionary process that educational research focused on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has undergone, it still does not offer answers to teachers to incorporate them and thereby transform educational practice. This complex situation requires asking a question: what have we learned from past research to find more successful proposals for use based on the results achieved? Based on the answers to this dilemma, this article reflects on the need to channel ICT research in new directions, with new methodologies, new research designs and orientations towards new problems.
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Institution:Universidad Estatal a Distancia
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Keyword:Information Technologies
Information and Communication Technologies Research
Teacher Training
Educational Technology Research
Educational Technology
Tecnologías de la Información
Investigación en Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación
Formación del profesorado
Investigación en tecnología educativa
Tecnología Educativa
Tecnologias da Informação
Pesquisa de Tecnologias da Informação e Comunicação
Formação de Professores
Pesquisa de Tecnologia Educacional
Tecnologia Educacional