Television Reaches Advertising. Advertising Practices and Female Image in Costa Rica


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Author: Mora Carvajal, Virginia
Format: artículo
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Publication Date:2019
Description:This article analyzes Costa Rican print advertising for television screens and the use of the feminine image on it. Also, its relationship with femininity conceptions prevailing in the decade of 1960, since it was precisely at the beginning of this decade when Costa Rica inaugurates the first television channel, subject that has been unexplored in the national context. Therefore, the first print advertisements about television screens that were published during that period in Diario de Costa Rica and La Nación newspapers are used as sources. The research allowed to determine the advertising strategies used by the different brands to introduce their television screen sets in the country, to establish the main brands advertised and their characteristics, and finally, to explain the basic features of women image in these ads. It also helped to raise some possible explanations in this regard, in terms of women role as consumers and television screens as a new way of home entertainment for them.
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Keyword:History of communication
Print advertising
Audiovisual communication
Commercial television
Historia de la comunicación
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