Work satisfaction and labor demands in a group of young people between the ages of 18 and 38 years old that telework in Call Centers in Costa Rica


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Authors: Gutiérrez Arroyo, Paula, Herrera Solís, Hillary, López Muñoz, Selena, Montero Jiménez, Yanela, Mora Molina, María José
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Publication Date:2022
Description:At present we are in a situation of global health crisis (COVID-19) that directly affects multiple socio-economic areas including the labor sector, being forced to take measures and resort to telework resulting in a variety of positive and negative characteristics in the lives of people. Therefore, the present research aims to show the relationship between satisfaction and labor demands in a group of people who perform telework in call centers in Costa Rica, based on the hypothesis that the more hours of teleworking performed, the greater the labor demands and lower job satisfaction of the person. For this, two scales were applied, one to measure labor demands, and the other work satisfaction, to a sample of 100 people. The results show that the people who work more hours of teleworking per day have a higher perception of labor demands and lower job satisfaction; on the contrary, those who work fewer hours per day perceive lower labor demands and higher job satisfaction, thus it is possible to support the hypothesis.
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Institution:Universidad de Costa Rica
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Keyword:Labor demands
Work satisfaction
Demandas laborales
Satisfacción laboral