The Role of Teachers as Researcher in Reconstructing Educational Professionalism in a Changing World


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Authors: Reis-Jorge, José, Ferreira, Marco, Olcina-Sempere, Gustau
Format: artículo
Status:Versión publicada
Publication Date:2019
Description:Involving primary and secondary school teachers[1]1 as researchers of their craft is a topic that has been under discussion for many decades and which has garnered growing importance in today´s world. A study probing into knowledge acquisition and professional development by faculty fosters the importance of learning and acquiring new types of knowledge to respond to the different challenges and needs imposed by complex educational contexts. There is a broad consensus by those who defend the role of teachers as researchers as a decision-making, evidence-based strategy for assessment and innovation of practices. However, it seems that there is less of a consensus regarding the concept of the teacher as researcher and the actual research context. The goal of this article is to reflect on current roles and perspectives of teachers as researchers in reconstructing teacher expertise using a conceptual framework as an architectural baseline. This thought allows us to conclude that need for teachers to research their craft must, essentially, be a systematic process of reflection and thought on the efficacy of their work and not necessarily have to obey the stringent and traditional criteria of academic research. [1] Este artículo está orientado en el profesorado de primaria y de secundaria, y no incluye al profesorado de educación superior. A lo largo del artículo se usa el término profesorado para referirse a docentes de primaria y secundaria.
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Keyword:Primary Teachers
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