Critical Pedagogy and Higher Education


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Author: Gutiérerrez Sáenz, Luis Fernando
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Publication Date:2011
Description:In recent years it has been common to speakCritical Thinking, context within which also speaks of Critical Pedagogy. They include titles such as "critical pedagogy of modern times",of "critical perspectives on education", of "pedagogycritical in the foundations of education "and" theorycritical education, "among others. many questionsare also those that could make this pedagogy, such as What are its characteristics?What is its specific contribution to education ingeneral? O What is your contribution to higher education?To put it in terms that interests us, theThis paper addresses three of the characteristics ofCritical Pedagogy, particularly significant inhigher education: the relationship between education andsocial and historical context, the relationship between theory and practice and the relationship between teaching and research.
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Keyword:critical pedagogy
higher education
pedagogía universitaria